Invoking Appium Server using Eclipse

Introduction :

Mobile Automation !!.Whenever you hear this term from industry experts it sounds to be pretty exciting and innovative as well a challenging at the same time .Things become more and more challenging when you start to Automate Test Scripts and Work with Appium Framework.One thing in particular when you work with appium is that amount invoking or starting the appium server.As a novice in Appium Tool and first and foremost thing that you will do is to start the Appium Server Manually.Let me walk you though with the steps out here.

Install the following on your machine :

  • Appium Desktop Tool (The Current stable version is 1.5.3)
  • Sample.ipa file since we are going to work with Real Devices and this should be signed with Developer Distribution Certificate(If this is not there, you will not be able to work on real device)
  • Iphone Device OS : >8.3
  • Xcode Version : Use the 7.3.1 Version

Once you installed the Appium Desktop tool it will look something like this :

Now enter all the necessary fields into it as below :



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